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District Affidavit Assignment...

Willsub has released a new feature to aide your district in managing the affidavit for assignment process which was recently mandated by the Michigan State Police. With this enhancement, you will be able to quickly and easily see which PCMI employees you have signed affidavits for, those who are waiting to be approved for your district, and those who are temporarily approved1.   Once this feature is implemented (3/1/14), every PCMI substitutes and contractors will require an approved affidavit signed by a district manager in order to be set to accept assignments in the district.  The form used to approve new substitutes has been changed so that the ‘Update’ button will not be visible if an approved affidavit is not on file, as shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1

                In order to update the new substitute for available positions, the district manager(s) who have the permission to approve affidavits will need to do so.  A new menu item has been added to the district manager Information/Substitutes menu labeled ‘Substitute Affidavits’, as shown in Fig. 2.

Fig. 2

                Selecting this item will display the affidavit lists, with choices for Not On File (default), On File, or Temporary, as shown in Fig. 3.

Fig. 3

Clicking on the last name will display the affidavit assignment form, shown below.

Fig. 4

                The assignment form displays the substitute or contractor’s name, last 4 digits of the social security number, the applicant’s phone number, and the position the applicant applied for.  It should be noted that the position applied for is only for the purposes of the affidavit because only one can be selected, and in no way determines the category or categories that the substitute may accept or be approved for in the district.  The district manager must choose to either  (Yes), accept the applicant on assignment in the district or (No), not accept the applicant on assignment in the district by clicking the appropriate choice under the ‘Please select one answer below’.  This decision is based on the district managers knowledge of the information received they have obtained about the applicant.   Once a selection is made, the update button must be clicked to create the affidavit.

                If the manager selects the ‘On File’ choice on the affidavit list, the substitutes with affidavits will be listed, as shown in Fig.5.

Fig. 5

Clicking on the last name will display the affidavit detail, shown below.

Fig. 6

If the manager selects the ‘Temporary’ choice on the affidavit list, the substitutes with temporary affidavits will be listed, as shown in Fig.7. 

Fig. 7

Substitutes & contractors with temporary affidavits1 may work in the district.  These affidavits must eventually be updated by the district manager, as these are temporary by nature.  As the district manager acquires the necessary information regarding a substitute with a temporary affidavits1, they should be updated. Clicking on the last name will display the assignment form, shown in Fig. 8, where it may be updated.

Fig. 8

1. Substitutes & contractors with temporary affidavits are those that worked for your district prior to the Affidavit for Assignment being utilized.  PCMI would have the fingerprint results for those employees.  You will be asked to go through that list of temporarily approved employees, completing the affidavit for those which you have prints for, and approve for assignment.

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