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District Substitute Overview & Substitute Management Feature

The substitute overview feature shows all substitutes listed down the left hand column and the abbreviations of all district buildings across the top row.

This allows a district manager to quickly see which substitutes meet approval and selection criteria for a selected district category district wide. The example below shows a gold dot for every substitute in each district building who is compliant and has selected the teacher category, but that has an approval status of ‘New’. This is the default criteria, and highlights those substitutes that should be reviewed to keep your substitute pool at an optimum level. 

The category drop-down menu on the left allows the manager to select from the active categories requiring substitutes that the district uses. The compliance status drop-down menu in the center allows for the selection of compliant, non-compliant or all substitutes.  The show only drop-down menu on the right allows for every combination of new, approved, and not approved subs, as well as substitutes who have or who have not selected the selected category.

This tool gives the district manager an easy tool to review the status of all of their substitutes.

Clicking on a substitutes name will display the Substitute Management page, shown below.


The substitute management feature lists the districts buildings down the left hand column, and the districts categories across the top row.  Drop-down menus are provided for approval status and grades for each building and each category, as well as for each classification for substitute teachers.

This allows the district manager to change the approval status and grades for a single substitute for every building in the district at once, instead of for 1 building at a time.

Since the substitute may not select all categories or classifications, this tool differentiates between the 2 by the style of the text used to display the status and grade.  As the Legend indicates, drop-down menus in blue indicate that the substitute has accepted that category or classification while black, italicized text indicates that the substitute has not accepted that category or classification.  This means that changes made using the blue drop-down menus will affect future jobs for that substitute immediately, while changes made using the black, italicized drop-down menus will affect future jobs for that substitute once they accept the category or classification.

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