PCMI powered by WillSub

Willsub is our proprietary web based, automated attendance tracking and calling system.  Go to for more information.  We will post feature updates, enhancements and new product offerings here so check back to stay informed.


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Verify All & Authorize All

  Willsub has provided an easy way to verify or authorize all requests listed on those screens.  There is a new checkbox at the bottom right of the screens for ‘Verify All’ and ‘Authorize All’ as shown in the figures below.



  If you have reviewed each individual request and made any necessary adjustments, or determined that  no adjustments are necessary, you may now check the ‘Verify All’ and ‘Authorize All’ checkboxes to indicate that all the requests can be verified or authorized.  You may still, if you wish, check the box next to each individual request as before

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