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Substitute Find Feature

Willsub has added an additional way to find a substitute in your district.

There is a new ‘Find Sub’ menu item under the Information/Substitutes menu for both district managers and building managers.  When either user selects this item, they will be presented with a page requesting the beginning of or complete last name of a substitute as shown below.

In this case the manager is looking for a substitute whose last name begins with the letters ‘smi’.  Clicking the View button will provide a list of all substitutes in your district whose last name matches your entry as shown below.

A district manager may click on the Sub. ID., bringing up a new detail page that show the substitutes positions accepted and approval status in each district building.  In the following case, the manager can see that the substitute has accepted the ‘Substitute Teacher’ positions at both buildings, and has been approved in those positions as well.

Clicking on the building name link will bring the district manager to the sub detail for the building, where the status may be changed and updated.

The building manager will only see the standard substitute detail screen they usually see when clicking on a Sub. ID.

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