Kent says:

"We moved from an in-house, software-based substitute calling system, which required a full-time operator to manage, to WillSub. We were able to cut our costs in half, while maintaining, and in some cases improving, our fill rate. Whenever we run into a challenge or issue, WillSub has listened and responded quickly and professionally. Getting qualified substitutes for our buildings has never been easier."

Kent Cartwright, CPA, CFO
Petoskey Public Schools

Jeff says:

"We have been partners with PMP/WillSub since their start in the educational field in 2005. The service level has been outstanding throughout the relationship and the evolution of the WillSub system has been incredible.   Having proprietary software has made them incredibly responsive to customer needs and continual state and federal reporting changes, such as REP reporting. PMP WillSub has always taken input from clients and quickly addresses issues to improve the software as well as the process...PMP WillSub always takes the approach of ‘lets find a way to make it work’ as opposed to giving reasons why things won’t work."

Jeff Crouse, CPA, CFO
Char Em Intermediate School District

Tom says:

"I have had very positive experiences with PCMI. I have used both offices for placements. At each location, the office staffs are professional and take care of questions and paperwork needs in an effective and timely manner. The pay-roll function of the operation is seamless. I'm currently working with Lakewood School District. They are very pleased with the service (PCMI) is providing the district.....I would highly recommend PCMI for clients or for former administrators who want to work beyond retirement."
Tom Rodriguez
PCMI Placed Employee (Elementary Principal)
Lakewood School District

Peggy says:

"Our school district has been using the WillSub system for 5 years now and finding substitute teachers for our building has never been easier. Administration, teaching staff and myself committed ourselves early on to learn the system and all it can do for us, to use it exclusively to secure substitutes and we have not been disappointed.  There is no comparison to the success rate in which WillSub finds competent subs compared to the 'old days' when I use to make all those early morning, weekend, last minute calls!"
Peggy Baker
Boyne City Middle School

Dennis says:

"The ongoing support Gratiot‐Isabella RESD received from WillSub during the implementation process and afterwards was outstanding."

Dennis J. Rogoszewski, CPA
Business Manager
Gratiot-Isabella RESD

Dr. Thomas says:

"We have contracted with WillSub for more than a year now. It has been a good partnership. WillSub has a strong business model which has saved my District many thousands of dollars while accomplishing their mission with strong customer service."

Dr. Thomas M. Langdon
Big Rapids Public Schools

Jonathan says:

"I recently left the Petoskey area and I’m continuing to sub downstate. As I compare my current experience to that of working with WillSub; I must say your services run circles around the competition. Your company made the process easy without a large hassle of tie‐ups. Throughout my time subbing with WillSub, I found getting the permit, accessing your online system, and obtaining service when there was an issue, was well run!  I would like to thank you for your service over the years I lived in the area."

Jonathan P. Erler
Substitute Teacher

Marv says:

"In addition to the savings to the district from the administrative positions and coaching positions that are contracted at the district level and the substitute teachers contracted through the MCISD, our non‐faculty employees (coaches) that will not gain sufficient service credit in the state retirement system have appreciated the extra income received from not making contributions to the system. I have had only positive, cooperative, and supportive experiences with PCMI. In conversation with other school districts, I have expressed only satisfaction with PCMI and encourage them to look into the services offered by PCMI, if they are considering entering into such a program."

Marv Dick
Ida Public Schools
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