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What makes us different from our competitors?  Besides being the most experienced; we've been contracting educational employees since 1995. Not to mention we are one of the largest educational contracting companies in the Midwest.  PCMI offers something that none of our competitors offer - Your One Source Solution.

What does "Your One Source Solution" mean?  It means that you no longer need multiple vendors to service your district or ISD.   Some companies specialize in substitute teachers, while others may focus on administrators.  If you're using an automated call system and attendance tracking solution, that would add another vendor to your mix.  If you are looking to outsource your custodial or transportation department, that would involve another vendor.  Some districts may have to work with 3 or more contract vendors to meet all of its needs.

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PCMI is able to do all of these things under one management team, including the automated calling system and attendance tracking through our proprietary Willsub solution.  We provide you with our expertise in all educational segments along with our flat rate service model to simplify your accounting and human resource management, while saving you money.

PCMI also understands every (ISD/District) institutions’ needs are different. With this understanding, PCMI works to find individual solutions contracting the educational segments of choice, including:

  • Administrators
  • Bus Drivers
  • Para-pros
  • Custodial Staff
  • Technology
  • Daily Substitutes
  • Long term Substitutes
  • Curriculum Directors
  • Business Managers
  • Assistant
  • Day Care/Latch Key
  • Office Support Staff
  • Food Service/Play
    Ground Staff
  • Athletic Directors
    and Coaches
  • Maintenance/
    Mechanical Staff
  • Summer Help/Short
    Term/Interim Staff
  • Pre-School/Grant
    Program Staff  

PCMI takes your needs seriously. Our services don’t end with administrators and beyond substitutes; PCMI is the leader in total educational contract employment programs, consistently offering you savings in all segments of educational contracting that others are only beginning to explore.  Contact us to learn what we know, "Educational contracting is a mix of art and science, dollars and sense not just dollars and cents."

Click here to download our free eBook, & learn how to Save up to 30% of your employment costs, without cutting quality of service. 

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