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Willsub is our proprietary web based, automated attendance tracking and calling system.  Go to for more information.  We will post feature updates, enhancements and new product offerings here so check back to stay informed.


  • Prearranged confirmation...

    Willsub has added a new requirement when entering some prearranged requests.  If the substitute has a commitment, either personal or another Willsub job, a note providing the nature of the commitment will ...

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  • Lesson plans uploads

    Willsub releases new Lesson Plan feature

    Willsub now allows employees to attach lesson plans in the form of word processing, spreadsheet, and other documents, to individual leave requests.  Once an approved leave ...

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  • Reopen feature enhanced...

    Willsub has enhanced the request re-open feature for building and district managers.  Requests may now be re-opened up until their end time.  In addition, the cut-off time may be extended when re-opening ...

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  • District Affidavit Assignment...

    Willsub has released a new feature to aide your district in managing the affidavit for assignment process which was recently mandated by the Michigan State Police. With this enhancement, you will be able ...

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  • District Employee Information

    Selecting Information/Employee/Category will now display the employees from that category from your current building, but you may then change the category and building from the new drop-down menus for convenient ...

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  • District Substitute Overview & Substitute Management Feature

    The substitute overview feature shows all substitutes listed down the left hand column and the abbreviations of all district buildings across the top row.

    This allows a district manager to ...

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  • View Open Requests for District Managers Improved...

    Willsub now allows district managers to view open requests by building or for all buildings in the district.

    There is no need to select the managed building from the district ...

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  • Verify All & Authorize All

      Willsub has provided an easy way to verify or authorize all requests listed on those screens.  There is a new checkbox at the bottom right of the screens for ...

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  • Substitute Find Feature

    Willsub has added an additional way to find a substitute in your district.

    There is a new ‘Find Sub’ menu item under the Information/Substitutes menu for both district managers and ...

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  • Substitute Pay Scales

    WillSub Updates:
    For release on 7/26/2013

    Category: Substitute Pay Scales

    The Substitute Pay Scales feature allows you to set up different rates of pay for different types of substitutes within ...

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