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In order to help our employees with their 2016 tax year filing questions we have put together a list of the most commonly asked questions concerning their W-2s, 
We hope you find this information helpful as you plan your tax filing for the year.

W-2 Frequently asked questions

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  • When will I receive my W-2

  • Where can I get your FEIN number to file my taxes early?

  • Year to date total / Paystub access Instructions

  • Want to receive your W-2 via email?

  • Who will my W-2 be coming from?

  • I didn't receive or lost my W-2 or I need another copy

  • What if my address is wrong on my W-2?

  • The Name or Social Security Number is wrong on my W-2, what should I do?

  • What if believe my wages are incorrect?

  • What if I didn’t have any federal or state taxes withheld according to my W-2?

  • Why do the amounts on my W-2 differ from my last statement/check stub year-to-date information?

  • I think my federal (or state) gross is too high (or too low). How can I make sure my W-2 statement is correct?

  • I think I was shorted pay, how do I research this to see if there is a problem?

  • My wages on my W-2 do not match my final check stub of the year. What is the problem?

  • My W-2 does not reflect my current salary. Why?

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