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Please Note: Any retiree of MPSERS with a retirement effective date on or after July 1, 2010 who performs a core service in a Michigan public school through a 3rd party or as an independent contractor, forfeits his or her public school pension and health care benefit subsidy for the duration of the core service. For a list of Core Services, please check,

Available positions for Croswell-Lexington Schools

  • General Employment
    (for all non-coaching and non-substitute teaching positions, including, food service, child care, custodial, facilities, game workers, hall monitors, clerical, support staff, etc.)
  • Substitute Teaching
    (substitute teaching packet including sub. para-professionals & sub. aides)

Getting Started

Select the appropriate position type from the list above and then follow the step by step instructions. Please note that these pdf forms are fillable and you can enter your information electronically on the form. This method will be much faster than printing the form and writing in your information. After entering your information electronically, you can "Save As" in case you need to stop and finish the application later or you can 'Print" the form.
























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